The Night Watch

The Night Watch is an ensemble that performs on historical instruments and explores historical repertoire. As the musical director of the group, my vision is to present vibrant and exciting concerts with moments of melting beauty. We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and along with the wonderful local talent we have here, I invite musicians from overseas to collaborate in concert projects with us. For me, historical performance is all about vibrancy and freedom, and of course I am always looking for those moments of melting beauty. 

The Night Watch is the name of an large scale painting by the great Dutch Golden Age Painter, Rembrandt. The reason that I chose the name for our group however, is because of the Rembrandt's revolutionary use of light and shade and the sense of movement that the painting invokes. I see this as an analogy in the creation of the music and how we can explore the timbres and movement of early instruments and repertoire.; the light and shade of music.



I hope to see you at the next concert and

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questions,  ideas or repertoire suggestions.

Thank you

Imogen, musical director


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