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My first musical experiences included playing ukelele and listening to warbling pan pipe improvisations on a scratchy record player. When I found my way to cello, I was lucky enough to have several wonderful years studying with James Tennant, who introduced me to the colour of sounds. I believe that this introduction has led me to a rich and varied musical life, delving into music of other cultures and eras, and specialising in the field of Early Music.

After school, I moved to Australia to study at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and by 1998  I had completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Performance Cello with the late, legendary Lois Simpson. I currently work on modern cello as a freelance player and regularly play with the Orchestra Wellington.

Many years ago, I watched the famous French film, Tous les Matins du Monde, which tells the story of Marin Marais, the famous French viol player and composer of the c17th. This cinematic experience opened a most wonderful world of solo viol repertoire and the intricacy of consort playing and in 2018, I completed my Master of Music Studies degree at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studying viola da gamba performance with Daniel Yeadon. In 2019 I launched a new Historical Performance group here in Wellington called The Night Watch. I am planning more concerts with this particular group that showcase the diversity and wonder of playing Early Instruments and exploring a wide range of repertoire. You can read more about The Night Watch by clicking the tab at the top of this page.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

               Friedrich Nietzsche

I have always had a fascination with music of other cultures and eras and my interest in Latin America has been with me for more than two decades. Though I have been involved in a variety of musical groups that represent the different hues of the continent, I have collaborated and performed, in particular, with Chilean folk musicians, Hernan Flores and Janis Carter, in the contemporary Latin American ensemble Trio Matiz.

In 2013 this interest merged with my passion for Early Music and Historical Performance Practice (HIP).  I directed a wonderful concert of Latin American Baroque music in Sydney with Baroque Iluminata, and I hope to present this repertoire soon here in Wellington. You can see some short clips of the music on the Media Page.

In 2014 I joined with colleague, Tara Hashambhoy, to form the Pearl and Dagger Company. Our mission is to produce and perform entertainment that provides a snapshot of musical and theatrical life from other eras. Our first production was the C17th masque Cupid and Death, written by Shirley, with music by Matthew Locke and Orlando Gibbons. With a cast of nearly 20 singers, musicians, dancers and actors, this was a unique and challenging undertaking. The following year the Pearl and Daggger Company produced The Raven, parlour entertainment from the turn of the C20th. This programme included chamber music from the time, a corny Victorian skit and two melodramatic settings of brooding Edgar Allan Poe poems to piano, one of which was, of course, The Raven

I am one of the Emeralds in viol consort Josie and the Emeralds with regular performances around Sydney, as well as part of the period classical ensemble, Classicum Australis, directed by period clarinettist Andrew Doyle.

Over the years, I have participated in many recordings. In particular, I have recorded extensively with Kim Cunio and Heather Lee, travelling around the world musically, performing and recording Jewish Music. I have also recorded two CDs of contemporary Latin American Music, the latest one being a selection of songs Trio Matiz.

Please go to the Media Page for photos, videos and recordings of my various projects.

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