I have been teaching for nearly 20 years, and enjoy it more as the years pass. I have taught in schools, and at a tertiary level at the Newcastle Conservatorium of Music, but mostly I enjoy teaching in the relaxed atmosphere of my own studio. My students have sat exams, played in youth and community orchestras, and learnt to love music. I have found community and inspiration in all my students and feel privileged to encourage and pass knowledge on to people who are so delighted to learn an instrument.

I am a passionate believer in the art of practicing, and am committed to teaching the tools of problem solving and independent learning. I like to think of it as filling a tool box with items that can be taken out and used to problem-solve a musical mystery.


I understand that each individual, child or adult, has unique aspirations that bring them to a teacher and I am always delighted to see the pleasure, skill and confidence that students gain over time. I have seen many times how the learning journey often begins as a solitary endeavor, and can lead to all kinds of ensemble and orchestral opportunities.


While it is not my primary focus, I am happy to assist children or adults to prepare for exams. I have had experience with the AMEB system in Australia but will be offering also the ARSM and Trinity syllabuses.

I absolutely love tutoring groups that are delving into the world of chamber music and do offer sessions to help get the most out of the music that you and your group might be working on. I am also happy to teach music theory in the early grades, either as part of a lesson, or a stand alone subject.

I offer an ensemble class during term for interested adults. The classes have between 4-6 cello players a guided weekly rehearsal of one and half hours. In the time, I focus on teaching the skills of ensemble playing.

       “Music is a moral law. It gives soul

    to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to

       the imagination, and charm and gaiety 

                to life and to everything".


Face to face lessons...

I offer individual face to face lessons that are most often given on a weekly basis. I offer one hour lessons for intermediate to advanced students (or beginners with great concentration). For beginners to intermediate (including children)  I offer a 30 or 45  minute lesson time.

Lessons available at my studio in Karori, Wellington Studio or online. I can travel to you for an extra travel fee.


Pricing list:

One hour individual private lesson NZ$60

One hour private lessons for two student NZ$80

Thirty minute individual private lesson NZ$30

Chamber Music Tutoring $POA

Face to face lessons also offered in Sydney on an irregular basis, most often supplementing online learning. Please contact me to discuss options.

More about online learning..

I have been teaching on Skype for two years now, as a way to continue with students that live in Sydney and wished to continue with me when I moved to New Zealand. For a variety of reasons, people cannot always travel to lessons - distance, health, personal circumstances - life is not always predictable or particularly manageable. While I would always say that face to face learning is the best option for a string instrument, the technology available nowadays opens up new possibilities as either a temporary solution, or as a longer term solution especially if complemented by face to face lessons. Your location is no barrier.

I have found that Skype in the best computer platform available for the lessons, as the interaction is immediate and it is amazingly close to being in the same room.

Please don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your learning.

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